Today I have a very special guest, my husband and colleague Seth Lyon, for an important conversation about restoring nervous system regulation WHILE living in the matrix

When we met, Seth had been living apart from society for about 13 years. He struggled with complex PTSD and, in his words, “had a lot of hatred against the system, money in general, society, cities, work, the rat race, the whole package.” 

That resistance carried over into many areas of his life—including his relationship with exercise and making money

And, like so many of my students report, as Seth did the work to restore nervous system regulation, these areas of his life (and more!) seemed to “miraculously” shift. 

As we begin our healing journey and essentially wake up to the toxicity around us, it’s SUPER common for folks to run in the opposite direction and disconnect from the world

Here’s the thing…many times this in itself is an expression of trapped survival energy (a trauma response) and not a long-term solution for living a full, meaningful life. 

To heal, for real, we often need to find a way to bridge two potential realities together:

>> I live in a toxic culture <<


>> I choose to live in a way that honors my biology, true capacity, and connection with my somatic self. <<

This is a process. It takes time (and a shit ton of work) to marry these two worlds together. It also requires knowing when to honor your resistance and when to push through for your own good.

If you’re wondering how Seth healed his resistance to all things mainstream and whether healing is possible in a (sometimes) toxic and corrupt world, I highly recommend you watch today’s powerful chat.