Find yourself regularly fleeing from what you want or need to do for your health and happiness? Not really sure why? 

I’ve got a good one for you today: The origin story of procrastination, self-sabotage, & fleeing from health.

The vlog was inspired by my most popular social media post of 2020. Here’s a screenshot of the tweet:


In this vlog, I’ll dive deeper into this tweet and explain:

  • Why those who grew up in toxic environments tend to struggle with things like self-sabotage and procrastination in adulthood.
  • Why what people tend to assume about these behaviours (“There’s something wrong with me!”) simply isn’t the case.
  • Why healing is possible and how to change these well-worn patterns once and for all. 

Whether it’s the dishes you need to do (but don’t), the exam you must study for (but won’t), or the major life or health decision that keeps getting put off for another day…

Watch this video to understand why no to-do list, motivational speech, or sheer force of will was ever any match for your autonomic nervous system (and what you CAN do about it!).

Resources to compliment this vlog: 

Self-sabotage: a nervous system & unhealed trauma perspective