awareness through movement

The principles of movement that saved my movement. On magic, voo-doo, witchcraft and simply noticing what is invisible, yet all around and in us.

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Several people said, "It's magic!" I read the above orange letters in a colleagues newsletter a day or so ago. The magic that is being talked about is what people said after they experienced some good old Feldenkrais-Love. I get similar comments from my class participants. I've been called a [...]

Sensing the Void Between You and the Ground: A lesson from child’s play and adult play.

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I wrote a piece a while back that featured the founder of Contact Dance Improvisation speaking his truths about human movement. This video shows a room of contact dancers 'playing' the way they play, and they have a very brave and young participant too! Check it out and keep reading.... [...]

How to be Comfortable Sitting on The Ground. Step 1 – Lengthen Those Tight Hamstrings. [ATM @ Alta (the bistro in Whistler)]

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Click here to re-tweet "How to be Comfortable Sitting on The Ground. Step 1 - Lengthen Those Tight Hamstrings." This morning I taught a Feldenkrais Movement Class (aka: "ATM", or Awareness Through Movement) at a local bistro, Alta Bistro. One of the managers loves ATM, and he really wanted to [...]

Power Cleans (the exercise) and Feldenkrais (the method and the man).

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Lifting Real Weight Intelligently Many don't realize that Moshe Feldenkrais, the founder of the Feldenkrais Method was at one point a very talented athlete, laborer and martial arts expert. He understood what it meant to lift weight. REAL WEIGHT. Proportional distribution of muscular tone, optional transmission of force through [...]

Feldenkrais and “The Next 25 Years” Goes Viral?

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Click here to re-tweet Feldenkrais and The Next 25 Years Goes Viral. Experience in yourself what happens when you watch fresh, curious and unabridged life create and craft a new nervous system along with the world that goes with it! I had a hunch 2 years ago that something [...]