chemical/fluid trauma

Can this work heal autoimmune disorders, neurological conditions, and other severe health issues?

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Hi all! I get this question a lot, and so I wanted to dedicate a short blog post to it as the answer is complex. While this work can certainly help with, and even resolve these types of severe health issues, it's very important to also recognize that [...]

Healing from toxins & detoxing with zeolite (interview with Eddie Stone)

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Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself. If you do use the link located near the bottom of the page, it is an affiliate link therefore I earn a small commission if you choose to continue using Touchstone Essential products in the future. Also, some of [...]

Why your “healthy lifestyle” routine needs to include healing your nervous system

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'. A participant in one of my programs improved her blood chemistry, decreased her pain by 90% and reduced her inflammation. And she did it all by focusing on one thing: reducing the over-activation of the autonomic nervous system. "But what about eating healthy and exercising?" you ask. Yes, [...]