On January 16, I did a long-form Q&A that was a big hit and I wanted to make sure you  knew about it, especially if you’re someone who lives with chronic illness.

This Q&A focused on chronic illness; what it is, how it sets in, and what must be put in place so one can heal at the root level, which is, you guessed it, the nervous system level.

There was one very important point that I don’t want anyone to miss, so I recorded a new vlog, just under nine minutes, so you could get this information directly. 

This important point has to do with symptoms in the body and how they ‘pop’ and become a reality when we do not process emotions and heal unresolved traumas.

If you missed this long-form Q&A and you are someone who lives with chronic illness or maybe you help those who want to heal, then I will strongly suggest you take time to watch and learn. 

Click here to head to the YouTube link and you’ll find it here. 

To give you an idea of what kind of scope I covered in this Q&A, here is a comprehensive list of the topics I discussed (just click on the time to go directly to the listed topic):

(6:45) – What is Chronic Illness & how to heal

(8:50) – Nature vs. Nurture

(18:28) – Unidentified Skin Condition

(21:30) – Chemical Trauma

(25:39) – Suppression of Emotions

(26:00) – Procedural Memories

(28:44) – How to get Anger out

(29:02) – Healing a chronic memory

(33:40) – Is Autonomic dysfunction the same as Central Sensitization

(36:25) – Rheumatoid Arthritis

(40:05) – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

(46:36) – How to not be your diagnosis/ Lyme disease

(50:20) – Is there any point in doing Somatic Experience work if still re-traumatizing?

(50:55) – EDMR

(54:10) – Complex PTSD, Autoimmune Disorders, Nutrient deficiencies

(55:34) – IBS, Endometriosis, Diabetes, Crohns, Leaky Gut

(1:03:40) – Bodywork (massage, yoga, craniosacral, movement classes)

(1:06:03) – Chronic fatigue, Digestive Dysfunction

(1:08:01) – Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue

(1:11:00) – Early Trauma and Remembering them

(1:13:23) – Chronic Body Pain/Headaches

(1:18:37) – Tinnitus

(1:21:33) – Stiff Person Syndrome and Trauma

As you can see there’s a lot above, and this is not to overwhelm you, but merely to point out the diversity of topics that we get into during these Q&A calls. 

* * *

People and Books I Mention In The Vlog:

Peter Levine: http://somaticexperiencing.com/

Gabor Maté: https://drgabormate.com/book/when-the-body-says-no/

Robert Scaer: https://traumasoma.weebly.com/books.html