One of the most common questions I get is: Irene, how do I come out of freeze? 

The first step is EDUCATION and knowing upfront that coming out of freeze is not a linear path. 

And that it can be a bumpy ride. 

Because the thawing process requires FEELING the big fight/flight energies lurking within…and they can bubble up and out in ALL sorts of ways. 

Today I’m sharing my personal story of coming out of freeze, in hopes that you’ll spend less time FEARING (“Is this normal?” “Why is this symptom popping up?” “What if this never goes away?”) and more time FEELING (aka: healing). 

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The early medical, chemical, and shock traumas that propelled my system into freeze. 
  • Two stories about how these eventually bubbled up and out of my system (including my “oh shit” moment with Kathy Kain and an experience with Peter Levine that shows the importance of going slow with this work).
  • The specific modalities I used to support my system out of freeze and why nervous system education and work are foundational.

I hope my story helps you along your healing journey. Watch it right here. 

* * *

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