Disgust: The gateway emotion for healing toxic shame

2024-04-20T18:46:32-07:00Mental Health & Neuroplasticity|

If you suffer from chronic illness or symptoms of the physical or mental variety, addictions, relationship troubles, negative thoughts or low self-worth… …it is very likely that you experienced TOXIC SHAME growing up.  Whether it was dosed out by parents, caregivers, siblings, teachers, or society in general, you [...]

Why getting grounded has nothing to do with your roots (plus, a new’ish guide for ya)

2024-04-26T20:05:12-07:00Spirituality & Somatic Bypass|

C’mon, I know you’ve heard it before: Dig those roots into the ground. Ground yourself. Get grounded, etc. It’s common lingo, especially in the yoga and mindfulness world. And, while I have nothing against yoga and mindfulness (some of my best friends and colleagues are full fledged yogini’s), [...]