If you suffer from chronic illness or symptoms of the physical or mental variety, addictions, relationship troubles, negative thoughts or low self-worth…

…it is very likely that you experienced TOXIC SHAME growing up. 

Whether it was dosed out by parents, caregivers, siblings, teachers, or society in general, you probably received some flavor of the message—you’re worthless, no good, too much, not enough, the list goes on and on. 

And now you may be walking around with this cellular sense that it was all TRUE. 

The good news is that it’s not and never was. 

AND it’s entirely possible to heal from these deep wounds that have left such painful imprints.

You just have to be willing (as my mentor Kathy Kain once said) to “smell and taste the dead rat.” 

If you feel grossed out, you’re on the right track!

To learn what the heck that means and dive deeper into toxic shame and what it takes to heal it, be sure to watch this video re-release. 

Please note: This video was originally released in October 2019. I’m re-sharing it here because this topic is super duper important.

 * * *

Resources I Mention In The Vlog:

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