efficient movement

What I predict is the next big thing…from industry to diversity (of movement that is).

Are you someone who doesn't want to spend multiple hours a week going to various fitness and group classes to improve your flexibility, strength, balance and self-awareness? This was me 12 years ago. I was rehabbing a nasty knee injury and was spending close to 2 hours everyday [...]

The principles of movement that saved my movement. On magic, voo-doo, witchcraft and simply noticing what is invisible, yet all around and in us.

Several people said, "It's magic!" I read the above orange letters in a colleagues newsletter a day or so ago. The magic that is being talked about is what people said after they experienced some good old Feldenkrais-Love. I get similar comments from my class participants. I've been called a [...]

Re-Routing My Wiring: Back to Whole-Self Neuroplasticity (and not having to pay for parking…)

Click here to Re-Tweet about Re-Routing My Wiring-Back to Whole-Self Neuroplasticity (and not having to pay for parking) I've been away in Seattle for a few days, doing a few Feldenkrais sessions with my main Feldy mentor Jeff Haller. This last weekend's few lessons were good for a few reasons: [...]