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What do you do when you have unresolved trauma? Two types of orienting.

In this blog I’m sharing a vlog that covers one of the fundamentals for healing unresolved trauma and restoring regulation and better self-awareness back to the human system: Orienting The capacity to orient to one’s environment in two different modes - exploratory and defensive - as well as effortlessly and unconsciously going back and forth between them should, technically, be just naturally wired into our physiology. However, with untreated trauma [...]

Are you falling off the healing path? Please Remember This!

Do you ever feel like ALL the healing work you’re doing is going nowhere … or do you ever find your mind spiraling into something that goes like this: “I must be doing something wrong because I’m feeling more activation and intense sensation!?” I fully understand this. For example, I had my first “anxiety” attack about three years ago while driving across a bridge that I’ve been crossing all my life and here’s what’s [...]

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What is healthy aggression

Many years ago, one of my colleagues said this to me (and I’m paraphrasing): “It seems my biggest job is to help people get comfortable with anger.” I nodded fully because I couldn't agree more. Getting comfortable with anger is top of the list for me. Here’s a powerful excerpt from my favourite medical author, Gabor Maté, writing about anger and its connection to illness: “People diagnosed with cancer or [...]

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Understanding highly sensitive people: Nurture or Nature?

For the record, I am sensitive. Like, super sensitive. I can tell what condiment my husband is using when making a sandwich even if I’m in a completely different floor of our home by the sound the lid makes coming off the jar or bottle. I know the moment our neighbors are doing laundry (as they use fabric softener - super toxic - so I close our windows). Just tonight I was [...]

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How to Deal with Sadness

In this newest vlog I dive into the topic of sadness and the two different kinds of sadness that are rarely spoke of: nutritive and habitual. My approach and understanding around this topic of sadness is greatly influenced by my studies within the work of Somatic Experiencing, founded by Peter Levine. These specific distinctions are from a Master Class I assisted at back in October, 2013 titled: Depression, Healthy Aggression, and Life Energy. Here’s a very brief [...]