I’ve been told TO NOT use the concept of “Nervous System” on the homepage of my website. (Hum?)

I’m not so sure I like that idea. (That would be like telling a doctor to not mention medicine; or asking a car salesman to not talk about cars… but I digress!)

“THEY” say it won’t make sense to people and will confuse them because most folks won’t know what it means or why it’s significant.

But you see, I want to speak (write) it like it is and teach the incredible value of this powerful, yet invisible system that governs so many of our internal processes.

You may know exactly what it is.

You may have heard of it but really don’t understand its importance (or why I keep harping on about it, over and over again!)

Or, you may not care about it at all and if this is the case then you might as well unsubscribe from getting my emails because I’m going to keep talking about it, writing about it, making videos about it.


nervous system

Your nervous system is like the air we need to breath and the water we must drink.

We need it for survival. But, because it is invisible, we don’t pay much attention to it until it goes off and isn’t healthy anymore.

Kind of like our air. Until our air is polluted and  we have trouble breathing, we don’t generally acknowledge it’s existence – we take it for granted.

What is so interesting about our nervous system, specifically our automatic, or autonomic nervous system, is that when it goes off and is unhealthy, most people don’t even realize that it is at the root of all their problems.

  • Can’t sleep at night? Blame it.
  • Heartburn and digestive troubles? Blame it.
  • Trouble focusing and maintaining creativity? Yep, your nervous system.
  • No energy and always tired? You guessed it.
  • Depressed and feeling stuck? That invisible system is stopping you dead in your tracks. 
  • Anxious and panicky for no apparent reason? It is your nervous system that is tripping the switch. 
  • Immune system not working and constantly giving your a cold? Nervous system, baby.

I could go on and on, but I think you get my drift.

This key system in your body is running much of the show, yet it is typically the last system to be addressed, if ever.


Well, just like there was a point in time, here on Earth, when we thought the globe was flat — but then some dude said “hey, actually, not so” — it is kind of like that when it comes to this system.

But this time the consequences don’t have to do so much with perception of travel but rather our health and/or future demise… or successful evolution as a species.

I’m just about finished with my first go through of an 12-week online course that dove DEEP into making this invisible system VISIBLE.

And, as I suspected, this course started to shift things in many ways (see my PS below) – some were more mysterious, others more obvious and in many ways, it seemed that folks just got more interested in their humanity and purpose here on this planet we call Earth.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to get across here is – YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM IS IMPORTANT! Learning about it is essential. Getting it healthier is paramount.

But, if you aren’t interested in diving into the knowledge, practices and insight that comes with revolutionizing how you live and breathe and BE as a human being here on planet Earth, then, as I mentioned above, please unsubscribe. It is OK.

Really it is, because I’m about to go rogue and start to talk even more about this invisible system and how it has to power to either harm or heal.

Simply. Your. Choice.

* * *

PS I wanted to share some of the transformations that I’m witnessing from my course participants:

  • Better sleep (and needing less sleep)
  • More calm and able to handle stressful situations
  • Digestion improving
  • Improved relationships (more capacity to express anger; express emotions in general)
  • Ending toxic relationships
  • Greater capacity to handle and recover faster from stressful situations.
  • Less body tensions and a greater capacity to release stress as it arrives
  • Easier and richer parenting practices (stronger bonding and attachment)
  • More motivation to pursue projects that have been left on the back burner
  • Enhanced interaction and effectiveness with clients (for those in the healing/helping professions)
  • Being more gentle and patience with oneself
  • Realizing “I’m not crazy” and “there is a reason for all the difficulty I’ve been having in life.”

And, many have written on separate occasions that they feel they have finally found “The Missing Key” — that’s pretty cool.