OK, so… I reeeeally want you to meet Heather!

She was (no joke) the first person to sign up and say “YES” to the last session of SmartBody SmartMind, my 12-week nervous system rewire program, back in May.

And I have NO DOUBT (cross my heart and hope to die) that her enthusiasm and readiness to START FIRST and dive in before anyone else did is the exact reason all sorts of remarkable occurrences happened to her since.

(I’ve got our chat just below.)

success story

I believe that her gifting *THIS GIFT* of healing to herself is why she is no longer sitting in the dicey and “not-so-nice” situation she was in earlier this year.

I think maybe my favourite part about what she told me was… actually, never-mind(I don’t want to give it all away!)

Just listen so you too can be touched by her bravery and new found wisdom…