I want to riff a bit to share where I’m at, where my students are at, and what I’m seeing as we move towards the middle of 2019…

Is it possible you’re BRAND new to my world and just getting familiar with my work and this entire new way of healing via the nervous system? Or maybe you’re an old pro and you’ve been hanging out with me for years in my various online programs.

Either way, I want to express BIG gratitude for your dedication to thinking (and healing) outside of the box, because it really matters right now.

The topic of ‘no quick fixes and stuff that works’ has become my North Star this year and I feel like it’s difficult to convince people that the quick fixes of the world are a waste of time. Instead, there is an essential need for us, en masse, to heal at the nervous system level. It takes time, consistent practice, and the right education, and it absolutely works! But you’re either in or you’re out.

We’re in a fascinating and exciting time in the healing of our human condition.

The world is ready for a big change, a global change. And we have three essential ingredients (see below) in place for a massive revolutionary shift to take place when it comes to healing our human condition.

This work my team and I do with those who are part of my online programs is truly working in a way that even I could not have predicted when I started bringing my work to the global online community.

The world is ready and we are ready.

We have:

The science

The research

The right practices

These three things, together, are a big F$%&#@ deal!!

We have NEVER, in the history of humankind, as far as I know it, had this level of science, research, and practical tools at our fingertips.

For instance, back in the day, we didn’t know that childhood stress and untreated trauma could be the cause of migraine headaches, Crohn’s, anxiety, depression, and even certain cancers and heart disease. Big thanks to The ACE Study

We did not understand the complexities of the neurophysiology and its preference to go into shutdown when things become too overwhelming. Thanks to Stephen Porges and The Polyvagal Theory

And we certainly didn’t understand the critical importance of sequencing our healing such that we start with foundations first and build from there. Thanks to Dr. Norman Doidge and my mentor Kathy Kain

This latter piece is still novel to most healers and mind-body pros and I am proud to say we’ve cracked this code in my online programs with amazing success.

I know my students in SmartBody SmartMind who are experiencing this first hand are seeing and reaping the benefits of this different kind of neuroplastic healing system. Here’s a good old fashion postcard I received in the mail a few months back that I have permission to share:

And another note via my Instagram feed:

And you know why it’s catching on?

Because this stuff really works when you follow the correct sequencing of healing, you get the right support (that’s where me and my team come in), and you commit to a long term lifestyle apprenticeship. And I will be 100% honest: this level of dedication ain’t for everyone, and that is ok, but if you are HERE and you have found me, then know that the more you do this work and make it a lifestyle, the more you find freedom and true inner healing.

So one more time I just want you to know how grateful I am for you.

The world is grateful too, I can feel it.

If you are brand new here and have yet to start learning and practicing via my online programs, NOW is the time to get started with the 21-Day Tune-Up .


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