saving the earth

Do I have your attention?

Know that this isn’t about me posing for a picture on a river with yellow pants, good air, and fabulous evening light.

This post is about humanity’s survival and evolution.

The world is hurting. Our natural environment is hurting. But the problem is this: nature isn’t something separate from us. We gotta remember that WE are Nature. We are organic matter, with a pulse and life energy…just like the oceans, animals, rivers, worms, and dirt. We are all nature. And let’s face it — nature only stays healthy when it’s treated with respect, care, and lots of good intentions.

So…it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: We have to take care of our personal, internal nature because we are all cells of this planet and the focus must be on Us first.

When we are holding in ‘stuff’ and we touch the world with our stuff: literally, energetically, emotionally…we poison the world. We hurt the world.

We, as humans, are one of the key variables in the health of the planet. This complex equation of balance in nature is being disrupted because of our ‘stuff’ and the fact that our higher brain, which exercises massive influence over nature, has yet to mature. We have yet to mature as a collective.

In terms of time and evolution, our human brain is embryonic, at best. It has a lot of learning and refinement in its future. To evolve and mature is the only way we, and the earth, can survive.

So take care of the nature inside you — your biology, your stress, your emotions, your movement, your curiosities, your judgments, your relationships, even the venom for others whom you might not be in alignment with.

But most of all, take care of, and un-wire, the conditions and scripts that have been keeping that precious and complex human brain of yours from evolving into a piece of magnificence that hasn’t been felt yet. It is there and it’ll evolve and flourish when we realize we are nature and nature is not to be ignored, ever.

When we take care of our internal home, cellularly, we take care of our collective home, Earth.

We are one. We are all nature. It’s time to give it what it deserves.

* * *

This piece is an abstract for a longer form essay I am working on.

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