A long while back I had a chat with one of my Somatic Experiencing mentors, Steve Hoskinson, around the importance of mind-body practices being refined (you can check that out here) and this week’s new video is a long overdue follow-up to that conversation.

I’m going to keep my introduction short because I think the title says it all: 

Does shaking heal trauma?

Here’s a glimpse into the reality we’re currently in…

The healing and wellness industry is turning to the topics of trauma, the nervous system, and neuroplasticity because the research is (in my opinion as well as others) as conclusive as it needs to be to justify making nervous system education and solid healing trauma practices the norm. 

My favourite medical author Gabor Maté once said that there is no more need to do research for the cure of things like cancer, autoimmune disease, and chronic/mental illness, just to name a few, because we know the root cause: nervous system dysregulation and untreated early and developmental trauma…but I digress. 

With this boost in awareness about the reality of the research, everyone and their dog are jumping on the healing trauma bus so they can help people. Which means that YOU as the consumer MUST know what good healing trauma practices are, and this video is another attempt to help you understand that while our biology knows what to do, the complexity of our human condition makes it such that our mind often does not know what to do (we have to re-learn what our body already instinctively knows). 

If you got a chance to watch the vlog a few weeks back on The Polyvagal Theory, Explained, along with the one last week on healing anxiety, you might be getting to know that while we all do have the same ‘wires’ that are built into our brains…it is HOW they are wired, and how they are healed by rewiring (or maybe connecting wires that were never wired up from the get go) that create the complexity that is healing the human condition. 

Have a watch.