I’ve found analogies to be one of the better tools for teaching complex science, so today I want to share  a favourite I’ve been using the past few years. 

It shows how learning a second language as an adult, and mastering it, is the equivalent to creating nervous system regulation in a system that never got it. I want to keep this short today so press play now to get this gem of an analogy:

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nervous system healing

Here’s the main premise of this sentence, spoken by yours truly: You cannot force trauma to release from this system. Doing this would be like forcing an infant to walk before they are naturally ready. Sure – you can try to make it happen a little earlier, but the foundations will be shaky and far from solid.

When we establish foundations, build capacity, and restore safety to the biological system, it will let the stressors and stored traumas out naturally, when they are ready. 

The good news? When they come out like this they STAY, out! 

Here’s to healing trauma and releasing it, naturally. 


* * *

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