A lot of people think intuition is just for psychics, but rest assured, it is not. Intuition is our biological birthright and when we are regulated (in our nervous system) we ALL have access to this supersonic skill. 

When we have it online it guides us. It tells us who to trust, what to eat, when to rest, what our work should be, how to create, and more. 

(From my experience, those who do not have this online, or those who deny it and refuse to work on improving it, struggle. Their decisions, relationships and health, are often a never ending cycle of disappointment and pain.) 

But here’s the thing – this natural intelligence, this intuition, gets bleached out of us when we are not cared for and attuned to. 

Societal conditioning also robs it from us. 

For example, the moment we domesticated plants and animals we started this domino effect of shapeshifting and molding nature to be convenient for us, which in turn, has been at the expense of our organic need for flow and rhythm and of course, our health. 

The good news is we can get this flow, rhythm, and health BACK. And we can get it back even in the face of domestication, industry, and tech. 

Heck, if anything, I’m seeing that we needed to wait until this very moment, in the year 2020, to finally GET this reality, but I digress…

From my experience, both professionally and personally, getting our intuition back starts with what I outline in this video. 

Irene's Musings

I shared this musing on my social feeds last week and it resonated with many, so I wanted to share it with you all here in case you aren’t following me via the social world,  


Along with these words: 

Pause. Re-Connect. Visualize … 

The ocean, a flowing river, growing trees,

the rotation of the Earth and the animals who are living and breathing and moving. 

Keep the flow friends. Keep the flow. It is yours to choose. Choose wisely.

* * *

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