Do you, or someone you know, find it impossible to sleep soundly?

I get a lot of questions around:

  • Why you can’t sleep even though you’re exhausted and have the “head bob thing” going on while reading a book in bed, but as soon as you turn off the lights and lie down, you are WIDE AWAKE!
  • Why you might fall asleep, but then, are JOLTED awake with a racing heart resembling a panic attack.
  • Why you can still be groggy, unrested, stiff and sore, even after 10+ hours of sleep each night.
  • Why you might feel a buzzing energy the moment you pause and “try” to rest…

There’s a gift given to us when our sleep is sound, solid, and restful. But many have never experienced this reality as a result of unhealed trauma and a dysregulated nervous system. 

Thankfully, my students who have never known this gift of good solid restorative sleep are slowly, but surely, starting to recount to me how their sleep and capacity to rest deeply comes back online as they rewire and restore regulation back to their autonomic nervous system (ANS). 

Today’s vlog is me answering one of the most asked questions I get: Why can’t I sleep?