Happy June!! 

Today I break down one of the more common (and valid) fears around doing this work. 

It has to do with the thought of processing old scary memories that we stored away at one, or many, points in time in order to preserve our sanity. 

I have no doubt that millions (heck maybe billions) of humans have left this Earth without ever having healed their old traumatic wounds for fear of what might have popped up and overwhelmed them. This makes perfect sense, especially when one has not done the essential groundwork to build up the internal capacity to BE WITH the intense sensations, emotions and memories that revisit us when we embark on healing trauma at the somatic and nervous system level. 

In today’s vlog I use what I feel to be a clever analogy (downhill skiing anyone?!) to describe why I would never ask anyone to unearth old ghosts of traumas past until they have practiced the basics with success, and have some foundational awareness of what their nervous system is, how it works, and why it decided to store all that scary stuff inside in the first place.

Irene's Musings

I shared this quote a little while back via my Instagram and I think it goes nicely with the above solstice mention:

healing trauma

Put another way: 

We’ve hidden from the dark and dank way too long. We can’t do this anymore. For good change to happen we must face our Personal Demons, and look them straight and steady in the eye. DO THIS and we loosen up the dark, which in turn gives it permission to let the light in. 

So with that let the light shine in, and hopefully much, much more.