Hi folks, 

The video I have for you today is a blend of what I’ve been deeply feeling, as I observe an array of intensities unfold in the global arena, along with some practical strategies – elements I’m calling them – that I believe are important for us to reconnect to and bring to our awareness one hundred fold right now. 

Those elements are: 

  • Connecting To Earth
  • Connecting To Water
  • Following Our Biological Impulses
  • Moving With Awareness 

Click over to listen in. 

Irene's Musings

I wanted to share an older vlog with you that I recorded back in 2017 titled, The health of our planet starts here (HINT: It’s us!). 

Back then, I labelled it as a healthy ‘rant,’ but really what it is, after reviewing it again this week, is an earlier version of what is becoming more true and solid for me as time moves forward, which is in essence, seeing our human condition continue to struggle, suffer, survive, and journey towards a better way of life that involves being here with each other in unconditional and connected ways. 

Here’s to a healthier planet and healthier humans!

* * *

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