Sometimes the most direct questions are the best ones for me to tackle, and the other week, one of my followers on YouTube asked this question:

stored trauma

The quick answer to this question: to be healthy! 

Here’s the thing — when we are storing old traumatic stress in our body and cells, and we don’t actively do the work to move it out in a safe, slow, and contained manner, we increase the risk of having our genetic predisposition for illness and disease of the mental, emotional, and physical varieties, express in our body. 

In this video, that was originally recorded on Instagram, I go into a little more detail and the importance of doing our inner work to resolve old traumatic stress, and I speak about some of the research that put this on the map. 

Have a listen. 

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And speaking of inner work:

I shared these words a few weeks back (see the image below), and it was a hit on my Instagram. So in case you aren’t following me over there, I wanted to pop ‘em over here too – along with some added words that you can read via my blog here.

stored trauma