A common thing that happens when we begin excavating old traumas at the somatic level is a sense of overwhelm. 

From my experience this can be due to a few things, and while this week’s vlog doesn’t cover each and every aspect of why someone might feel overwhelmed when they begin their healing trauma journey … at this nervous system level … know that this is a starting point, so c’mon over and dive in.

One of my older vlogs that goes nicely with this one is, 3 Things To Know When Healing Anxiety. I released this back in September of 2019 so it’s possible you haven’t seen it, so definitely check it out, or give it a review again. 

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As I mentioned above, I know many of you are not on social media, so bear with me as I make this email a little bit longer, and share a quotable that was popular the other day. 🙂

healing trauma

Do not underestimate the power in this concept of taking care of yourself and focusing on the simple pieces day in day out. 

Keep doing your own work and focus on you.

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Resources I Share In The Vlog:

The most comprehensive resource I have for explaining trauma, the fight, flight, and freeze responses, plus how our nervous system becomes unwell (dysregulated) is my three-part Healing Trauma video training. If you haven’t experienced this free training get started today

In addition to three full videos, you’ll find a comprehensive handout to accompany each video.