Got a short one for you today that is all about what true nervous system regulation REALLY is. Dive in

Please know that reaching this holy grail of health (aka: full autonomic nervous system regulation) does not mean that we won’t get stressed out. 

It also does not mean that we are forever immune to future traumatic events, or that we can just fly by the seat of our pants, as they say, and avoid healthy lifestyle practices day in, day out. 

What it does mean, is that we get something called a ‘window of tolerance’ that gives us more endurance to stressful events, so we are not constantly thrown into a cycle of post-traumatic stress, for example. 

What this video talks about is how we can fail to realize full nervous system regulation (and our potential) because of excessive reliance on management and coping practices, that while good from time to time, don’t force us to grow true internal somatic regulation.  

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And on that note of building up more nervous system regulation …

This would be a good time to bring up the concept of internal safety and why focusing on this, and building up our somatic capacity, is essential for restoring full regulation. 

How early on did your sense of self start feeling unsafe?

I posted this question on my Instagram channel the other week, and it was stunning to see how many people knew exactly when their personal safety was compromised.

For many it was a specific event in childhood, and for others it was in utero, or at birth.

For some it was before they were conceived; it was their parents who were already living in a state of chaos and survival (this would be classified as intergenerational trauma).

Building internal safety is essential when our early life was unsettled and scary. 

Thankfully, when we have the somatic nervous system lens on board, we can rewire safety back into the system. Sure, it takes time, but it can 100% be done.

If you haven’t started with my many resources and online offerings, I hope you do soon.

Doing a little bit every day can make a big difference over time.

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