I’ve often joked that witnessing what I teach and guide people through, the practical stuff, is about as exciting as watching paint dry!! 

(This ‘watching paint dry’ effect is because so much of the practical work is focused on noticing and tracking internal sensations, small slow movements of the body, witnessing the thinking brain and how it reacts/act, subtler behaviour, and a lot of intention in the ‘how’ as opposed to the actual doing and end result.) 

So, I thought I’d make a video that describes in detail what my practical ‘neurosensory’ exercises are formed from, how they are meant to work, and how the practices are incremental in complexity, pending what a person is working with, where they are at, and a whole lot more related to unique human experience. 

Another reason I wanted to make this video is because of a common thought that what I teach and guide people through via my online offerings and courses is purely Somatic Experiencing, also known as SE, and this is far from the truth!

My practical work is a blend of three different modalities of mind-body and somatic nervous system work. 

One of the reasons I believe what I’ve created over the years has been revolutionary for so many of my students, is that it’s rare to learn and practice something in an immersive (online learning) format at the mind, body, and most importantly, environmental level, plus at their own pace, and with the capacity to repeat and review the lessons and practices over and over again. 

When you get into this week’s vlog, you’ll note that I encourage everyone to get started with my practices, if you haven’t already done so! If you’re new here and haven’t started with anything yet, please know that all my audio samplers are on my Free Resource page, and my entry level online course, the 21-Day Nervous System Tune-Up, can be started any time.

* * *

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