One of the trickier parts about being a somatic practitioner whose focus is on the nervous system is that there is no SET path. 

For comparison, if one wants to become a medical doctor, the path is set: get good grades in high school, do a couple of years of pre-med, apply for medical school, and if you make the cut, go to medical school. And once you finish, you aren’t done – that is when the real (medical) practice starts. 

There’s no equivalent for what I and my colleagues do.

From experience, the good somatic practitioners* do some version of the medical schooling model on their own. They put rigour and practice into their lives, even though no one is looking, encouraging them, or ensuring they are competent. They self-evaluate constantly, go back to the basics, add complexity when they can, and just keep practicing no matter what! 

My guest today, Anja Bergh, like myself, has carved a path in and through this world of what it takes to become a somatic practitioner with a keen focus on the nervous system. 

Click below to watch and get to know her evolution into being a somatic practitioner. 

*If you’d like an overview of what I believe are the essentials when it comes to finding (and interviewing) a future somatic practitioner to help you in your healing process, be sure to check out this vlog I did a while back titled, How To Find A Good Somatic Practitioner

Irene's Musings

I’ve shared this image with text before, and the words continue to ring true for me, especially now, so I wanted to reshare in case you missed it.

somatic practitioner

(I theorize that) Regulation at the autonomic nervous system level is the secret for humanity’s success. ⁠

While we need it globally, it can only start individually. ⁠

Every. Drop. Counts.

* * *

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