Ever wonder what it takes to create, birth, and raise trauma-free, healthy humans? 

That’s what we’ll cover (and so much more!) in today’s NEW vlog with Dr. Erika La Vella, DO: Birthing Babies the Way Nature Intended

Erika is a medical doctor and surgeon by trade, who recently experienced a pain-free physiological birth thanks, in part, to her learning and work within SmartBody SmartMind (super cool stuff!!). 

In our chat, Erika tells the story of two very different birth experiences—her first back in 2016 (which she describes as fast, furious, hard, and tense), and her second in 2022, after reestablishing a connection with her somatic self. (In her words, she “turned into a cat” to bring new life into the world the natural way!)

We also get into: 

  • the medicalization of birth and all that comes with it
  • moving away from people-pleasing and why becoming “a bit more prickly” transformed Erika’s second birth experience
  • balancing western, “old man” medicine and a more neurobiological, intuitive approach to health and healing
  • and much more goodness full of nuance and (Erika’s newfound passion) paradox!

This conversation is multilayered, and such a perfect example of how working on our own nervous system regulation extends into all parts of our lives—including the way we birth our babies. 

Hear Erika’s amazing story right here.