I’m seeing a lot more talk about all things trauma, nervous system health, and healing out in the world these days. 

This is a good thing. More of us need to wake up to this area of health and healing that’s been overlooked.


I’ve also noticed a steady rise of misinformation on these topics from self-proclaimed experts (wellness coaches, holistic gurus, and other mind-body “specialists”), with very little training or understanding of trauma and what it takes to truly heal it. 

So today, I wanted to take some time to debunk seven myths around healing trauma and nervous system regulation.

The work we’re doing around here (healing trauma at the somatic and nervous system level) and the body of knowledge that informs it (‘The New Traumatology’) is relatively NEW.

That means we need to be discerning about the information we take in and the “experts” we trust. 

Because to heal this stuff, you need THE TRUTH. (Plus the right practices and some solid support, which is exactly what’s on offer here.)

If you want to heal, for real, I recommend ditching these seven myths. 

Watch now and learn the truth. 

One of the myths in this week’s vlog is that you need to feel safe and READY to begin healing from trauma. The truth is, if you’re looking to create deep nervous system regulation and safety as an adult, you just gotta start.