When it comes to healing trauma and restoring regulation back to our autonomic nervous system, the right knowledge is essential.

And the polyvagal theory, the incredible body of work pioneered by Dr. Stephen Porges, is one of the foundational concepts that underpins much of the work we do here, and something I teach all of my students.

Because once they understand and integrate the RIGHT information about this superhighway of nerves, so many things start to make sense and fall into place.

It’s a hot topic in many trauma-healing spaces, and many are offering biohacks and other “healing” practices that fail to acknowledge the full complexity and intricacies of the vagus nerve.

I don’t say this to be high and mighty. It’s just that having the full picture on board could be the difference between restoring nervous system regulation and … well … not.

So today, I’m re-sharing a video that is a MUST-WATCH for anyone interested in healing at the deepest possible level.