I wanted to share a little musing on (successful) aging and (nervous system) regeneration with you today, inspired by a strange comment I got a while back. All it said was:

“It’s irritating how attractive you are for your age.” 

Haha, well… Thanks for the compliment, I think. 

The clip was from a couple years back, so I was younger, to be fair. But it does raise a valid topic that we’re only just beginning to grok:

Aging in the western world is NOT what it ‘should’ be. 

We may have made some progress in the last few decades when it comes to our perception of aging (at least on the outside), but we STILL have a ways to go:

healthy nervous system lifestyle

For the most part, many accept the fact that as we age, we just ‘naturally’ decline or degenerate—not only in outward appearance but in general strength and vitality, too.

We’re still used to seeing wrinkles and stress lines and hearing things like, “You know, you’re almost 50 and then it’s just downhill from there.”

We still blame age for a lot of things that have nothing to do with the BIOLOGY of aging.

As these striking ‘Before and After’ pictures of my hubby Seth clearly demonstrate, the health and ‘youth’ of our body is too often something we associate with our CHRONOLOGICAL age—but it doesn’t have to be.

What we DO dramatically influences our ‘aging’ process.

When we work at the root (nervous system) level, we establish a FUNCTIONAL foundation (regulation), which takes a longer time to do, but ultimately requires less constant work and input to sustain a thriving ‘ecosystem.’

This means that, even as we age, the system will restore and regenerate.

Also, when we are more regulated, connected to ourselves and our environment, we are primed to have more impulses towards healthier behaviours such as regular activity, intense exercise, better eating and sleeping habits, nurturing social connections (and nixing toxic ones!), all of which have been linked with statistical significance to successful aging over and over again.

To your nervous system health (and successful aging!)