I hear a lot of confusion (mainly from folks outside of my online programs) about what healing trauma actually looks like. 

Many believe, for example, that releasing stored survival stress requires a big shaking response. 

This is simply not true. 

In fact, pushing our system to force out a shaking response can backfire—big time. 

So today, I’m re-sharing a video (“Does shaking heal trauma?”) to help you understand:

  • Why shaking is NOT always required for healing trauma.
  • What releasing different types of trauma (shock, early/developmental, etc.) might look and feel like. 
  • Why we should NEVER push our system to release trauma and what to do instead. 

Once you give it a watch, check out this article written by my husband and colleague, Seth Lyon (shared here with permission!). He dives deep into why techniques and exercises (like inorganic shaking) do not heal trauma and why it’s so important to go slowly, build a solid foundation, and allow these things to bubble up and out naturally. 

Please note: This video was originally released in September 2019, and because it is such an important topic, I felt it deserved ‘rerun status.’

 * * *

Resources I mention during this video: 

National Geographic Polar Bear Video

Anger As Medicine: How to Cure Self-Sabotaging Behaviours 

On healing toxic shame

 ► There Is No “Exercise” That Heals Trauma

Are you falling off the healing path?