A doctor goes to medical school. 

A lawyer goes to law school. 

A master somatic practitioner goes to…there’s really no equivalent in the worlds of somatic healing, working with trauma, and nervous system health.


I’m working on changing that! 

But for those considering this path, I want to make one thing clear: 

This is not a hobby.

It’s taken me a lot of time, energy, and commitment to get to where I am as a master practitioner and teacher—and that is the level at which I am dedicated to training others to do this work.

Still interested? Then today’s video is for you! 

It’s a replay of an Instagram live stream offering an update on the research and development my team and I are doing in preparation for creating a full-fledged professional training curriculum.

In this 33-minute video, I cover:

  • A little run-down of my own professional pedigree (what it took for me to get here)
  • What it will take to become a master somatic practitioner (via my ‘Scientuitive’ training) 
  • How to know if doing this work is really, truly your calling (aka: who this is for and not for)
  • The reason you’ll need to APPLY for this training (and acceptance is not guaranteed)
  • Why I believe that to practice this work means to teach it (a practitioner is a teacher)

Have a listen. Have a feel. 

(And if everything feels aligned, go ahead and send an email to [email protected] share your interest.)

Humanity needs to heal our trauma (stored survival stress) and, to do that in the RIGHT way (without re-traumatizing ourselves), we need some bonafide ‘doctors’ of the nervous system.

Here’s to creating MASTER practitioners and teachers!