About Irene Lyon

Irene Lyon, MSC. and nervous system expert, teaches people around the world how to work with the nervous system to transform trauma, heal body and mind, and live full, creative lives. To date her online work has reached people in over 57(!) countries – but you can often find her teaching with Elia Mrak at their signature Up & Down workshops or hiking in the mountains or along the Pacific ocean in her hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. She has her Master’s in Biomedical and Health Science and also has a knack for making complex info easy for ALL of us to understand and apply to our lives. She has extensively studied and practices the works of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, Peter Levine (founder of Somatic Experiencing) and Kathy Kain (founder of Somatic Practice).

How to help children who have anxiety, depression, and ADD

One of the more common questions my team and I get is around helping the kids. It might be their kids, the kids they teach at school, their grandkids, their nieces, nephews, and so on. Specifically, the question is around how to help the kids who are struggling [...]

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Is There a Mindfulness Bubble Waiting to Burst?

This article was originally posted by Irene on the Medium platform on November 30, 2016. * * * The mind-body industry is captivating. It’s slick marketing and soulful promises. The hip clothing lines, pretty faces and exotic retreat centres promise to draw us away from the daily [...]

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Is it just the nervous system we need to work with?

A few weeks ago someone asked how it is possible to only work with the nervous system and my jaw dropped because you’d think I would have answered this already via an article or vlog.  Chances are, I have. But probably just in indirect ways when I talk [...]

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How stored trauma creates somatic symptoms (aka: chronic illness)

On January 16, I did a long-form Q&A that was a big hit and I wanted to make sure you  knew about it, especially if you’re someone who lives with chronic illness. This Q&A focused on chronic illness; what it is, how it sets in, and what must [...]

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