Do you struggle with the B-word?

I shot this impromptu video while frolicking through the high alpine this past summer in Whistler, British Columbia. It felt so good to be outside and back in one of my most favourite places in the whole wide world and it got me talking about the B-word: also [...]

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The Importance of Ebb and Flow For Avoiding All Things Burnout.

When was the last time you slept all day on a Sunday and really, like REALLY, rested? And, by the way, not because you were sick in bed with a flu or cold! Back in February, I did exactly this and it wasn't because I was sick. I was [...]

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What I predict is the next big thing…from industry to diversity (of movement that is).

Are you someone who doesn't want to spend multiple hours a week going to various fitness and group classes to improve your flexibility, strength, balance and self-awareness? This was me 12 years ago. I was rehabbing a nasty knee injury and was spending close to 2 hours everyday [...]