chronic fatigue

On Chronic Illness & What It Takes To Heal From It

I remember learning about the deep roots of what causes chronic fatigue in my early years studying Somatic Experiencing. I talk about this in other videos, namely this one. When I learned about what is called, ‘The New Traumatology,’ which is the study of trauma and how it [...]

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The #1 Skill That You Must Have So You Can Release Pain (and free up space in your system for more goodness)

Let’s face it, not many people seek me out when they are feeling well. Most of us have experienced, and will continue to experience, pain in some way, shape or form. Having pain, be it physical or emotional, from time to time doesn’t mean you are sick or [...]

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The Stresses and Subtleties of Institutionalized and Industrialized Child Abuse.

  Day after day I'm seeing real life scenarios in my private practice that back-up a study - The ACE Study - that showcases the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and it's role in adult disease and illness. WARNING - For some this might hit close to home. This [...]