I remember learning about the deep roots of what causes chronic fatigue in my early years studying Somatic Experiencing. I talk about this in other videos, namely this one. When I learned about what is called, ‘The New Traumatology,’ which is the study of trauma and how it impacts the nervous system and its body-mind connections, illness of the physical and mental kinds, and so on, it shocked me to the core (I still remember where I was sitting in the classroom on that day). It shocked me because it demonstrated how ridiculously simple it is to heal the vast majority of the health problems that exist today, which we are trying to cure (to no avail) with massive medical specialities, pharmaceuticals, mass scale fundraising, and so on.

For example, to show how simple healing this stuff can be, I think to the younger clients I’ve worked with. For many of them, if they can heal their early traumatic roots sooner rather than later, their early symptoms (say a little anxiety; some digestive issues; intermittent body pain etc.) don’t turn into a full-blown autoimmune condition or mental illness; the early warning signs are halted and healed.

But, of course, not everyone is young when they learn of these “early trauma + chronic illness later in life” connections, and if this is the case, then the path that one takes must be a little different.

It must be slower. More gentle.

Also, more education must be put into place first so as to ensure the psyche, not to mention decades of social conditioning, is taken care of and is prepared for feeling and experiencing that which was never felt in a safe and healing way before.

If you fit into this category, or you know of people who do, then watch the short video below, originally made to help explain how someone who’s healing from chronic fatigue (or any other kind of chronic illness) must enter into the nervous system rewiring and healing trauma work that I teach in my 12-week program, SmartBody SmartMind™.

(You also get to see what this colourful toy is and how it’s a perfect model for building capacity slowly, when healing the nervous system is in question.)

* * *

If you’d like to join me in the future for this 12-week nervous system rewire program, I run it twice a year and I always lead into this unique program with my complimentary 3-part video training, Healing Trauma.

If my Healing Trauma video training is new to you, be sure to take it in when we run it because it’ll help break down:

  • What trauma actually is
  • Why it gets stuck in the nervous system
  • Why this creates illness in the body and mind, and finally,
  • The steps that must be in place so trauma can be healed at the deepest level.

What is probably most unique about this work and what I’ve put together in my online offerings is the importance of sequencing neuroplastic healing.

This proper “sequencing” of healing is rarely (if ever) talked about in the healing and wellness worlds, and I believe EVERYONE who is either healing from illness and/or injury, or who helps those who are, must understand these distinctions.

Depending when you see this post, we might be in the lead up to these programs, we might be in the middle of them, or in between sessions … so check out the LIVE EVENTS tab on my site (just look above) to see what is going on right now.