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New Symptoms Popping Up During Your Healing Journey? Watch This.

2024-04-26T19:26:09-07:00Nervous System Health, Special Topic Lectures & Q&As|

In this Q&A style video, I answer a VERY important question about uncomfortable signs and symptoms that pop up when we enter into a deep healing process with our nervous system. Some might call this a *healing crisis* - but for me, it is simply Healing. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I mention [...]

An Epidemic of Chronic Illness: How Stress, Trauma & Adversity Early in Life Impacts Our Capacity to Heal

2024-04-26T19:38:27-07:00Nervous System Health, Pain & Chronic Illness|

Are you that person who has tried dozens of therapies and treatments? Can you relate to trying a gazillion different cleanses and elimination diets (plus every kind of mind-body technique under the sun)? Do you still find yourself struggling with tricky to treat symptoms and wondering if you’ll [...]