In this Q&A style video, I answer a VERY important question about uncomfortable signs and symptoms that pop up when we enter into a deep healing process with our nervous system. Some might call this a *healing crisis* – but for me, it is simply Healing.


I mention A LOT of important resources in this video — here they are:

1 – My 12-week nervous system rewire runs twice per year. Go to this page to get on the list to be notified when it starts up again.

2 – In this vlog, “meditation on meditation,” I have a 8-minute orientation exercise that you can try out at the very end.

3 – Kathy Kain, founder of Somatic Practice, is the bomb when it comes to healing trauma at the body physiology level. She is one of my main mentors and I learn with her at least once, if not more, per year.

4 – ANGER! Grrrr… check out one of my husband’s articles on anger here.

5 – Get Gabor Maté’s book, When The Body Says No.

If you’d love to start your own healing journey, consider checking out my 21-Day Nervous System Tune-Up self-study course. It’s a great place to begin, and will provide you with lots of information about the nervous system and how to begin healing from the inside out.

Learn more about that here.