The Best Kept Secret In Health

I have two stories here for you.
I went on a mini pilgrimage awhile ago, which is where I filmed the video below.
But, before I tell you about this, I want to tell you about what happened to me back in the Summer of 2008. It was a week that changed the lives of all my future […]

The #1 Skill That You Must Have So You Can Release Pain (and free up space in your system for more goodness)

Let’s face it, not many people seek me out when they are feeling well.
Most of us have experienced, and will continue to experience, pain in some way, shape or form.
Having pain, be it physical or emotional, from time to time doesn’t mean you are sick or unhealthy, it just means you are human.

This is simple fact […]

How to Tell the Difference Between Fear and Frustration.

Could Frustration Be The New Fear?
Is fear something that you can sit with, and be with, and ponder?
Do you say to yourself, “I have so much fear around ‘xyz’ and I have to figure out how to move forward”?
I’d love to suggest that maybe semantics are messing you up and it isn’t fear that […]

The environmentalist in me has this to say…

But first, I must start with a piece from environmentalist Paul Hawken.
He writes in The Ecology of Commerce – A Declaration of Sustainability:

“In our pursuit of growth at any cost, we have mimicked an immature ecosystem with unlimited resources. A mature economic system would appreciate an ancient forest or undisturbed grassland as the ideal […]

Grace: A Success Story


Success stories come in many shapes and sizes. I could write an entire book about this specific story, but I’ll start with this….

At this time in my career, it was 2008 and I was just beginning to learn Somatic Experiencing, a body-based method of helping resolve traumatic events that […]

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The Stresses and Subtleties of Institutionalized and Industrialized Child Abuse.


Day after day I’m seeing real life scenarios in my private practice that back-up a study – The ACE Study – that showcases the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and it’s role in adult disease and illness.

WARNING – For some this might hit close to home.

This passage below is courtesy of a client who […]

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