Today I’m re-sharing one of my all-time favourite nervous system healing success stories, featuring my husband and colleague, Seth Lyon. 

“Why meditating & cold plunging in paradise won’t heal your trauma.” 

(We gave it this title because that is exactly what Seth attempted to do.)

After a traumatizing childhood, Seth fled to the woods for 13 years to begin his “healing” journey. (Or so he thought!)

He lived in paradise—surrounded by community and nature, eating organic foods, and enjoying daily meditation, and hydrotherapy practices.

AND YET, he was riddled with PTSD, bowel problems, addictions, social anxiety, and more. 

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. 

Seth’s attempt to heal early/developmental and complex trauma through somatic bypass (which we’ll get into in this interview) lands for many. 

Here’s the truth—to heal for real, you have to face the things you may be avoiding through a variety of practices that, on the surface, seem great! But these very practices can be used as management strategies that keep us from getting at the deeper material, which we have to excavate in order to heal. 


If you’re doing ALL the things to heal and still feel like something’s missing…

If you have been to every doctor/specialist/healer but you feel like crap…

If your life looks perfect on paper and you feel like a mess on the inside…

Take the time to watch this interview where Seth shares his incredible story and wisdom for those wanting to heal.