When you’re lost and suffering, or new to healing trauma, it IS important to focus on the light.

To lean into positive resources (like a favourite yoga class, or an affirmation that helps you get out of bed in the morning, or a special blend of herbal tea that calms you at the end of the day). 

But, in the long term, any positive external resource can become a form of coping which can then turn into an addiction. A way of avoiding the painful things that you maybe don’t want to feel…

In this week’s new vlog, Irene and Seth unpack a potent metaphor from season four of the series, ‘Stranger Things’ that illustrates both the power and danger of positive resources.

Seth and Irene also touch on and share some key insights into topics like:

  • External vs. internal resources
  • The 4 ‘Whens’ of Somatic First Aid
  • The trauma vortex & the problem with spiritual bypassing
  • The importance of building capacity before dipping into our trauma
  • The difference between using positive resources and getting attached to them

As Seth sums up beautifully near the end of this video, the simple truth is this:  

We live in a “thick, sludgy” (aka: energetically dense, dualistic) world, so if we want to get more of the healthy, healing energies (from those realms of “love and light”), we gotta learn how to:

  1. Face our monsters and move through our trauma,
  2. Stop escaping this reality and start integrating those energies, right here in the muck.

To building the capacity, taking the time, and having the courage to face the tough stuff!