Quite the spicy title up there, right? 😉

Today I have a new interview for you with my colleague and husband, Seth Lyon. 

We chatted last year, diving into the topic of healthy shame versus toxic shame. It got rave reviews and folks wanted him back to share more of his healing stories …. 

So here we go!

In this chat we talk about: 

  • Why strategies and practices (like meditation and cold plunges) are great and often needed, but they are NOT enough to restore nervous system regulation (aka: heal trauma).
  • The importance of building capacity in our somatic systems, so we can be with the intense emotions, sensations, and memories (which is what leads to them releasing).
  • Healing debilitating social anxiety, complex PTSD, and severe gut issues by engaging with society, relationship, and the interoceptive self. 

Click below to watch.