Were you following my work a year ago? Did you catch this special topic lecture I did themed, 

“Healing” Gone Bad?

Here are some of the topics I covered: 

  • Psilocybin and other ‘awakenings’ 
  • Importance of understanding stored trauma
  • Plant medicine ceremonies
  • Neuroplastic Sequencing (importance in meditation, breathwork, EMDR)
  • Calming breath
  • Energy practices
  • Spiritual bypassing
  • Thinking you’re feeling (but it’s all in your head)
  • Being told to ‘slow your breathing’
  • Buzzing energy when beginning this work (aggression/annihilation energy)

My team and I have been editing my long form lectures and reposting, and this one is ready for you. 

Click below to watch.

*If you prefer the unedited version, with the original timestamps, you can find that here. 

(Be sure to read my mini-article just below as a reminder about WHY we are here learning about the nervous system and aiming to heal it at all levels.) 

I wanted to bring this one back up to the surface because of the MANY stories my team and I get when, through the years, decades often, students have been ‘trying’ to heal, but with little long term success. While they make some headway and get a little better, things often fall back to where they started off. From here, shame often enters and they assume they must be “wired” for a lifetime of struggle, strife, and a strict routine of coping and management strategies. 

Please know that if this has been you, it does not have to be this way! The current way we humans are living (some call it the human condition) is not aligned with what our neurobiology needs. And since modernity and the conveniences we’ve grown accustomed to are not going away anytime soon, it is essential that we know EXACTLY how to heal for real. 

You see, it really does come down to restoring regulation back to the autonomic nervous system as it forms the bedrock of our entire mind-body health, not to mention how we relate to the world. 

Of course, we must also focus on whole food nutrition, ample activity and exercise, getting outdoors, good relationships, detoxifying our cells, and other aspects that form a well rounded human life, but from personal and professional experience, it has become clear to me (and my many students) that when we get this bedrock of nervous system regulation and somatic embodiment back online and working smoothly, these other aspects become a little easier to practice and put in place. 

Why? It is because our brain and behaviour is not being driven by our stress chemistry (that fight, flight, and freeze survival energy). 

Here’s what Stephanie and Julia said about this lecture “Healing” Gone Bad: 

healing gone wrong

Irene's Musings

healing gone wrong

A few musings on this quote graphic just above:

Thankfully, I’m seeing more and more folks out there speak to this on their social media feeds.

The next step will be getting more and more to understand what it actually TAKES to restore regulation to an autonomic nervous system when it might never have had it in the first place (again, I go into this in the “Healing” Gone Bad special topic lecture). 

I’ve got many resources on this topic, but one of my favourites is my e-book, The 5 Stages of Neuroplastic Healing That Everyone Must Understand

This e-book will give you a glimpse into the importance of building foundations first and shifting the human system out of survival stress, so it can actually be present to the current moment and the internal somatic experiences that one has.