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I’ve always equated September with the start of the year.


  • It must be the whole back to school thing I think?
  • Anyways…..
  • It seems the Summer months have truly come and gone.
  • (at least on the West Coast of British Columbia they have!)
  • The leaves are already falling here in Whistler
  • the air smelled of Fall this late afternoon
  • when I went for a walk in the woods.
  • for those who don’t have the luxury of moss and forest at their doorsteps
  • watch this video
  • (but I’ll encourage everyone to take a 2.56 minute repose)
  • and watch this vimeo clip titled “Growing is Forever”
  • It’s really LOVELY.
  • Take ‘er easy!
  • Irene



(ps. Video lead compliments of Gwen Bell)