People often don’t believe me when I say, “I haven’t stretched in ten years”.

It’s true.

Sure I move and have a practice of body awareness that involves feeling where I might have a few tight spots here and there, but I no longer hold static stretches for long periods of time to “stretch it out”. I also haven’t strained, pulled or injured any of my muscles in ten years. Coincidence?

I don’t think so.

Many of our tight areas, especially the area behind our thighs (our hamstring muscles) and our lower back (our spinal muscles) get tight, tired and cranky due to poor communication between the skeletal parts (i.e., the bones) that house the muscles in question; hamstrings and spinal muscles.

Think about what happens when there is poor communication between people and their words. All it takes is one misunderstood sentence and it can leave a person completely paralyzed, freaked out and pissed off at their best friend or spouse.

Body part communication is no different. 

Poor body part communication (as well as poor body awareness) between skeletal parts leaves the muscles that attach to those skeletal parts confused and working totally inefficiently and with limited capacity, leaving those areas susceptible to strains, pains and injuries.

When you learn and become aware of your body connections and the simple science of how everything is meant to to be pieced together, things really start to function optimally.

Tightness melts away, strains lessen and the chance of injury becomes less and less.

When it comes to your hamstring and lower back muscles staying happy and healthy, it is important to have your pelvis, hip joints, lower spine and legs all communicating really well together.