Today my hubby and I went for a hike in our lovely backyard of Whistler, BC.

The alpine wildflowers are in FULL bloom (as you can see above and below) and when they are in full bloom you want to be there.

A little info about my past first

About twelve years ago my doctors would have said that I couldn’t be there enjoying the hike in the way I was. Well today, we took the route less travelled and what would be next to impossible for most people with five knee surgeries under their belt was completely pain-free. We hiked ~8 miles up and down steep, uneven and loose terrain and right now as the evening comes to a close, everything is feeling great, there is no stiffness, no fatigue and most importantly no pain.

My doctors would have said:

“I would need a knee brace. That a warm-up was necessary. That I should be in much better physical condition to even attempt such terrain.”

The reality:

“I haven’t worn a knee brace since my first surgery in 1993.  I NEVER warm-up anymore. My fitness level and muscle mass are not at their best.”

Now, I don’t write this to brag. I write this to encourage you to never settle, even when you’ve been to all the specialists and they’ve given you a “body sentence”.



The irony of this story is that the local knee surgeon did a check-up of my knees a few months ago via x-ray. The x-rays kind of shocked him as what he saw were two (well, really four) healthy leg bones coming together to form two knee joints with all my cartilage (what’s left of it) free of arthritis.

How’s that for a minor miracle!

Now imagine this

If you became blind you’d have to adapt to survive. There would be no other way.

When certain body parts break down we often avoid figuring out the real root of the problem. This avoidance typically occurs because the problem is not something that pops up over night. It is usually years gone by, where you know something isn’t right, but there never seems to be a “convenient” time to rest, seek help, or stop your exercise training routine for fear of gaining those extra pounds. Then these muscle and joint pains turn into a limp, then the use a cane, or the replacement of joints (if I speak from a lower body – knee and hip – perspective).

Our desire to spend REAL-TIME figuring out how to fix those broken down body parts, bring them back online and in full function is incredibly low in our culture. It actually shocks me to see how uninterested most people are when it comes to figuring out how to use their one body the most efficiently. I’ve theorized that this mind-set is why we aren’t getting any closer to solving the environmental crisis that surrounds us everyday.

Back in 2000 I had to adapt big time and I had to figure it out. I wasn’t interested in everyday stiffness and pain.  I had to seek out what was going to give me THE BEST possible chance of staying active.

I had to find the secrets to keeping my movement pain-free.

Now I can honestly say that I did this. You can too!

What is one part of yourself that needs adaptation right now?

Or to put it another way: what area of yourself is going to need that surgery, or that medication, or both, if you don’t take action right now, or very soon?

Send me an email and tell me! Let’s find out where you are stuck and find some ways to help you get started.

For now, you can start by downloading: “A practical guide to living a life that is pain-free, potent and alive.”

So what’s the secret to avoiding knee replacement?

You’ll find the first critical steps in this guide.