I’m a realist.

So,when I saw this image on Instagram last night, a very conscious and healthy rebuttal sparked up. Mainly because, I’ve seen the harm, stress and delusion people get into when all they “TRY” to do is be “POSITIVE.”



(and by the way, this “release” is our medicine. We need these releases for healthy regulation of the body’s processes.)

When we don’t release and express the hurt inside and show true face, it doesn’t allow the fullness and richness of human experience to be experienced.

The amount of strain I see on my (new) clients faces as they try to hold in the tears; the pains in their jaw and neck muscles from keeping in the cries and screams of anger as a direct result not being loved, heard and accepted, or being bullied ….

There is nothing positive about the hurt and harm they experienced when they were young, or even now.

As Gabor Mate writes in his book *When The Body Says No*, within the chapter *The Power of Negative Thinking*:

In order to heal, it is essential to gather the strength to think negatively. Negative thinking is not a doleful, pessimistic view that masquerades as “realism.” Rather, it is a willingness to consider what is not working. What is not in balance? What have I ignored” What is my body saying no to? Without these questions, the stresses responsible for our lack of balance will remain hidden.”

Bless the heart of the person who posted this image… because it sparked up this thought process that I wanted to share with you.

I guess this is a wake-up call to all those positive psychology folks who might be suppressing the yuk and their messes for fear that they will look weak and not together with their stuff — it is OK (trust me), the weak stuff is sexy.

Just saying… Irene. xo.