paternity-633453_640In one of our recent training calls in SmartBody SmartMind: A 12-Week Nervous System Re-Boot, Rosa (a participant in the program) shared a story with us about her young daughter that illustrates so clearly the value of fostering healthy aggression in children.

One of the things we focus on in the program is healthy aggression and we talk a lot about how to move this aggression and healthy anger. In our culture, we think about aggression as a “bad” or negative thing but it’s actually a very important part of our life force and when we suppress these natural feelings, we get depressed, we become lethargic and we have trouble focusing.

When we experience issues, such as procrastination, they can often be traced back to our roots as children and, in many cases, directly related to how our mothers fostered our healthy aggression. Rosa, when sharing her experience with her daughter, illustrated a complete 360 turn in terms of how she relates to her daughter.

Listen to Rosa’s experience here:

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