Do you know where your sixth sense lives in your body?

In this video, I give you a mini crash course in what many think is “airy-fairy-woo-woo” stuff. 🙂

I think you’ll be surprised to realize that this sense is actually something that lives in every single one of us!

Unfortunately, living in this crazy chaotic western world can royally muck up this sense, making it either:

a) a little rusty and dulled out, or
b) it’s too responsive and oversensitive.

(either of those sound familiar?)

In this video I’ll also teach you why this powerful part of your body gets thrown off, and most importantly, what you can do to get it back on track.

Have a watch right now:

To you and your sixth sense,


Do you know someone (or maybe a few people, or 100, a 1000?) who might benefit from this message? If YES, I’d love for you to share the unique link on your social media. The more we can tune in to this powerful sense of ours, understand how it ticks and most importantly how to mend it, the more we can make amends with all the past junk that threw this important sense off in the first place.

And, our world needs a lot of this right now!