Imagine you have two people who both get into an identical, and minor, fender bender (car accident).

>> Person A walks away with zero post-traumatic stress – no chronic pain, no lasting whiplash, no fear to drive and get back behind the wheel. They go back to their life and resume their good health, like nothing ever happened.

>> Person B however, starts to have massive declines in their physical function – chronic pain becomes their norm, they are afraid to drive, their digestion goes all wonky, their emotions become erratic, depression with minor doses of anxiety plague them. Not even massive amounts of physical therapy, pain clinic visits or even pain meds help them. They feel broken and unfixable.

What do you think is the cause of this difference?

Here’s the answer in this new vlog:



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I believe it’s so important for people to understand what’s going on inside of themselves, physiologically, so they don’t think they’re crazy.

(And, people DO believe they’re going crazy when no one, not even their doctors, can explain why they’re falling apart in both body and mind.)

Thanks for being here and being interested in your nervous system health and healing at this very deep level.


PS. This scenario baffles the medical community and insurance companies: why does Person B go into a downward spiral of chronic and debilitating fear, pain and disability from a car accident that occurred at only five miles per hour?

(Many think, “they must be faking it so they get time off of work” or “it’s all in their head, they didn’t even need to go to the hospital”, etc.)

Watch the video to learn more about what’s actually going on under the surface.