Building and growing more nervous system capacity is a must to move from living in a state of survival stress, anxiety, and overwhelm to living in a place of greater ease with our body’s reaction to stress and old traumas.

But the tricky thing with nervous system capacity is it’s an invisible thing. Strange, I know, but it’s true. We can’t really measure nervous system capacity like we’d measure blood pressure, blood iron levels, or our aerobic capacity.

But what we can do is know the signs of greater regulation in our nervous system, which is something I wrote about in this article. So be sure to have a read through if you’re new here or didn’t catch it the first time.

If the key benefits of greater nervous system regulation, like restful and restorative sleep, healthy digestion, clear thinking, energy to do daily tasks and more are lacking and are not the norm in our life, then it’s pretty safe to say we’re living with sub-optimal nervous system capacity. When this is the case, my sincere suggestion is to do as much as we can to build that capacity up.

So what does it take to do that?

I answer this question in this latest vlog, so be sure to give it a watch (it’s a short one!)

It dawned on me a few weeks ago that we’re at a unique time in history because this is the very first time we have had the science, the practices, and the technology to heal trauma en masse.

This realization gave me some shivers – the good kind of shivers.

It might be invisible to us now, but trust me when I say that with more time and more people waking up to this new paradigm of nervous system healing we will realize something we’ve all been waiting for and craving.

* * *

Resources I Mention In The Vlog: 

eBOOK: How To Destress In Seven Steps